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February 08 2018

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  • Wilmington, NC, officers pulled over full-time criminal defense attorney and part-time Uber driver Jesse Bright for reportedly picking up someone from a drug house. 
  • Police told him he couldn’t record them, but Bright knew his legal rights. 
  • Officers used a K-9 to search Bright’s car but found nothing. The incident is currently under investigation.

I don’t know what’s more depressing, that the cops lied to him, or that in 2017 a criminal defense attorney needs to side gig as an uber driver to make ends meet.

February 06 2018

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guillermo del toro’s little brother

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she mad


That Big Mood when you’re sleepy and tired all day but as soon as the clock strikes midnight you want to draw and paint and steal the mona lisa and do some cart wheels

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So in every anthropomorphic personification of the Seven Deadly Sins, each of the sins embodies their trait. Gluttony is very hungry, Pride is very.. prideful, etc. Except Lust. Lust is always just a hot woman who may or may not be particularly lustful herself, but she inspires lust in others.

Instead of going the route of making Lust into a horny teenage boy, my proposal is to design the other Seven Deadly Sins to also inspire their traits. Envy isn’t particularly envious, but does wear a sweet pair of heelies that you WISH were your own. Wrath makes bad puns. And Gluttony? Gluttony is just. A big, ever-sizzling ham. 


That’s okay. It changes food based on your diet. There’s a kosher version, and a vegan version that’s like. A big stick of tofu. Whatever makes you hungry.

Sloth just has weed and video games.

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out of stamina (3 of 4): Prompto

(1 of 4: Noctis)
(2 of 4: Ignis)




That was so embarrassing I’m never speaking again

I dont even know what you’re talking about but im reblogging

A waitress said “enjoy your meal” and I replied “love you too”

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“I’m always right here.”







a genderqueer superhero who wears a binder and hides their face so everyone assumes they’re male but then they have c cups and never bind as a civilian so their secret identity is safe

Actually theres an Argentinian comic/tv show called Cybersix thats pretty much exactly this, except the other way around:

“Cybersix” (superhero persona)



“Adrien Seidelman” (civilian persona)



i believe all the episodes are on youtube if you want to watch it…

I was literally just thinking of this post and adding Cybersix the other day!

Bonus points: you can get the show on DVD now too!

YES OMG Cybersix is SO obscure and underrated! 

the animation alone, is breathtaking

Also heads up, cybersix is gay

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Yes. These bastards (and actually the whole Sheikah design) is based on the japanese Jomon pottery.

you….. you understand the implications of this, right?

the pottery is finally revolting against Link after all these years

And not just any pottery. The oldest piece of Jomon pottery is somewhere around 16,500 years old, making it the earliest example of pottery in Japan and one of the earliest in the entire world.

Link has smashed so many vases that the Elder Pots themselves are coming to kill him.



doctor: I’m sorry… The test results are in.. you’re down with the sickness…


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My sisters boyfriend custom made this hoodie and when I read it I thought I was having a stroke





Why does my hair decide to look its best when it needs to be washed like excuse you who do you think you are

It could be worse, you could look like a 12 year old dweeb from the early 2000′s 

Well I do look like I’m 12 so I’m halfway there

*has been irrationally and consistently mistaken for 21 since age 12.*

*Silently sips non-existent tea.*


Rock gym leaders are so funny.  They just really like rocks.  I hope they have club meetings where they drink punch and talk about their favorite Pokémon shaped like rocks.  And Brock is the overeager president and Roxanne always brings really bad cookies and sometimes Steven Stone shows up and everyone just rolls their eyes

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I got you covered! Uh, I don’t got you. Oh, there must be a system failure.

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When you’re in a really good mood so you emulate the paw motions that you would make while nursing on your mother when you were a happy little kitten 

when you’re kneading all that dough to make a huge bread for ur friends… :^}

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This Man Did Something That’s Already Expected Of Women But He Gets Extra Praise Cause He’s A Man

No. A lot of women don’t go to cosmetology classes to learn how to do hair, they have the experience from growing up-their mom doing their hair, Then experimenting which what they can do themselves. This guy probably had short hair his entire life with no clue on what to do. He didn’t just look up how to do a ponytail, he paid for actual classes so that he could do his little daughters hair in cool and creative ways so that SHE gets the learning experience and learns how to do it her own and then can go to school with fabulous.
This is A+ daddy right here, he went above and beyond because he knows that he lack in certain areas where a mom would pick this up. Please don’t destroy nice things that men do simply because they are men and you want to hate them.

“Please don’t destroy nice things that men do simply because they are men and you want to hate them.”

Shots fired.

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