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October 17 2017

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Holly: We’re also lending out costumes to the festivalgoers. Whether you wear them is up to you, but they’re perfect for the occasion !
Prompto: Can we wear them, Noct ? Can we can we can we ?!

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Final Fantasy XV ○ 540px Gifs (39/?)

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Awkward romantic Prompto Argentum…

  • “Hey, babe? You an angel? Because you- Ah fuck. Forgot the line…!” He has to retreat before he comes back, tries again, and messes up once more.
  • When he once did the reach around thing, his hand touched something sticky on the chair behind you, so he threw his hand out and smacked a dude’s soda as he was about to set it down.
  • He sometimes accidentally leans in to kiss you, but abruptly turns his head aside to burp. He facepalms because that really killed the mood.
  • “Hey. No need to have a chip on your shoulder.” He takes a small bag of potato chips and puts them on your shoulder as you two fight in the grocery store.
  • He reaches once, twice, and has to look over to put his hand down to lean against the counter so he can chat you up. He gives up because you’re snickering about his depth perception.
  • He gets someone’s number, then forgets he has their number. So he sits there for hours the next day trying to wonder ‘Who the heck is Felicia?’ He’s too nervous to see if the number is real or not.
  • “Who’s the cutest ever? YOU ARE!” He waits for your response, but you have to be reminded again. Mostly because he says the same exact thing to your dog.

Prompto Not-Always-Romantic Argentum, but at least he tries!

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  ① DAY 1 (10/19): Favorite Scene ★ Brotherhood
  ② DAY 2 (10/20): Favorite Relationship ★ Selfie
  ③ DAY 3 (10/21): Favorite Quote ★ World of Ruin
  ④ DAY 4 (10/22): Alternate Universe ★ Fears/Insecurities
  ⑤ DAY 5 (10/23): Favorite Outfit ★ Sunrise
  ⑥ DAY 6 (10/24): Favorite Trait ★ Chocobos
  ⑦ DAY 7 (10/25): Birthday! ★ Free choice!

Don’t forget to follow our rules and to put #promptoweek in your five first tags so we can see it and reblog it :D If you have any question, feel free to ask us :) 

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I noticed, there’s Prompto’s smile….then he has that lopsided grin he gives lol

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Ready or not!

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Found this one hiding in a folder… ❤️

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Sometimes life is hard

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Gladiolus, Noctis, Prompto + Ignis (FFXV), Cloud (FFVII), Cecil (FFIV) + Firion (FFII) + Tidus (FFX) | すいまー

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I love this shot Prompto got of this link strike

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When you’ve just left an outpost and drove a mile away from it but Prompto requests to take a souvenir shot from there

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Since the last one got a lot of notes I thought I’d make this? Whoops???

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My favorite thing ever is how Prompto has this whole punk rock thing going with his crownsguard uniform. He has a skull on his jacket. He has the words Dead or Alive, and a patch that says “It’s a beautiful day now watch some bastard fuck it up” , yet this boy is one of the sweetest, bubbliest and goofiest thing in existence. Did he chose his uniform or did Noct go in to tell the tailor like “hey, I want you to give my buddy a sick ass uniform, he’s like a small puppy but I want him to scream badass.”

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